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About Us – Fred & Janine Perez

We have been buying houses in Texas for the last 10+ years.

The reason we started in real estate was to help as many people as we could.  Following is a little bit about us…Fred & Janine Perez.

Been There, Done That

(Told by Janine) Before we got together, I was a single mom of two and going through the worst financial nightmare of my life.  My house was being foreclosed.  My car was being repossessed, and my dream of having my own insurance company was about to crash.  That was the worst time of my life.  Every day I woke up, went through the motions of life of taking my kids to school, then going to the office to sit by myself for hours hoping my phone would ring with a client.  Finally, one day I went to the office and the door was locked.  My brokers stopped paying the rent and I lost all my office equipment, desk, computer, tables, chairs, plants, etc.

That same weekend, Fred came up to Ft. Worth and helped me move my things from my foreclosed house down to a house in San Antonio.  We were scared.  Fear of the unknown was a horrible feeling.

Things Do Get Better

Eventually, we settled into a routine and having the support of Fred and his family was my life saver.  I was given a second chance because Fred didn’t want me to work.  He wanted me to take care of the children and help him with his company if I had to have something to do.  After a year of helping with his company, I started reading about real estate investing and how I could have saved my house (if I had wanted too). And, how I could help others not experience that nightmare alone.  The more I learned, the easier it seemed and I started sending letters to people going through foreclosure and divorce.  I got my feet wet in real estate in 2007.  It was stressful, but it was rewarding when I knew I was helping people get the equity out of their house to be able to move on with a some-what normal life.

I helped people realize they didn’t have to have a real estate agent list their property and wait for 2 to 6 months to get an acceptable offer.  I showed them that they didn’t need to spend thousands on repairs to get a fair offer on their home within just 24 hours, not 2 months.  I perfected a system, that once we had an agreement on the price, we could close as soon as title was ready (usually 2 weeks to 30 days).  The fastest I have closed is 3 days.  That was FUN!

Fred has started helping more this year at Guardian Angel since his schedule of performances (he’s a DJ) has slowed down.   That left him with a lot of time to help talk with sellers and negotiate great prices for sellers and for us.  Plus he speaks English and Spanish.  It is great to be able to help people in their language and not worry about language barriers.

There You Have It

This is the shortened version of why we got into Real Estate Investing.  This is the first time I’ve ever told my story and I hope you understand that we are here to help.  We have been in your situation and understand the feelings and mis-givings that go with financial and emotional difficulties.  We offer free consultations.  Call us or fill out the form and we will call you when it’s convenient for you to see if we can help you!

Selling your Texas home has never been easier.  No matter why you want to sell (divorce, death in the family, job loss / relocation, facing foreclosure) we want to talk with you.  We have solutions to your housing problems and want to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us.  We will walk you through the process and do all the work so you don’t have to! Remember that we buy houses in San Antonio, Texas and throughout Bexar County.


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